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Electrical engineer
1. Responsible for electrical technology and equipment selection during preparation of project, assist the technology team with the Institute for docking, optimizing electrical equipment configuration;
2. Manage and train of new electrical engineering group, supervise, inspect the work of staff, make assessment criteria;
3. Solve the technical problems of electrical equipment installed site, project check and accept.
1. Electrical, instrumentation related professional;
2. Bachelor degree or above;
3. Age: above 32;
4. Work Experience: In medium-sized enterprises or foreign company work , more than eight years of experience in electrical production , more than three years workshop , section management experience, familiar with all types of electrical equipment ;
5. With communication skills and team spirit , open-minded , practical work hard , responsible, hard-working, with strong analytical , judgment and organizational management capabilities;
6. Familiar with the chemical industry instrument equipment may be appropriate to relax the terms of employment .