Environmental Plasticizer TCS-500


Environmental Plasticizer TCS-500
I Main Component: Chloride fatty acidl esters 
II. Average Molecular Weight: 550-590                                
III. Physical Indicator:

Indicator TCS-500
Appearance Light yellow, transparent liquid
Density (50) , g/cm3 1.15-1.25
Heating loss (125, 2h) % ≤0.50
Freezing point (min) -25
Ester content (%) ≥ 99
Viscosity (25) mPa.s 160-260
Flashing point (min) ≥ 180
IV. Performance and properties:

1.      Excellent plasticizing effect, 40-60% better than plasticizer (DOP);
2.     Obvious flame-retardant effect; effectively reinforced flame retardant of rubber material.
3.     Does not contain aromatic ingredients, environmental friendly, non-toxic, pollution-free, reproducible and degradable.
4.     Does not contain harmful heavy metals or low-carbon-chain chlorinated paraffin, pass test of Shanghai
        SGS testing organizations, 12 kinds of harmful substances were not detected, live up to EU export requirements.
5.     Good inner and outer lubrication performance with excellent gloss, improved phenomenon of roll sticking.
6.     Excellent antistatic properties.

V. Application and Referenced Method of Application:

1. Applicable to toys, PVC rainproof, PVC pipes, cables pellets, leather, plastic and sealing strips and other industries;
2. Suitable for paper chemicals and coatings, polyurethane foam auxiliary plasticizer and other industries use, etc.
3. The method of application and dosage shall be adjusted on the practical recipe of customers.

VI. Storage and Packaging:
Packaging: packaging with plastic barrel with net weight of 200kg/barel;
Storage and transportation: stored at room temperature, in ventilated, dry, and dark place; based on non-dangerous goods to transport.