Eco-friendly Plasticizer TCS-100

I. Main chemical composition

Chlorinated methoxy fatty acid ester      
II. Average molecular weight

III. Physicochemical properties 

Properties TCS-100
Appearance Light color, transparent
         Density (50) , g/cm3 1.07-1.10
Heating loss (125, 2 hours) % ≤0.50
Freezing point (min) -30
Ester content (%) ≥ 99
Viscosity (25), mPa.s 30-50
Flash point (min) ≥ 180

IV. Properties and characteristics

1. The product is of diester structure, fine toughness and low mobility, has good compatibility with PVC resin, and is of excellent heat resistance, weather resistance and lustrousness, good flame resistance and electrical insulation. It is an anti-burning, non-toxic, environmental friendly compound plasticizer.
2. The product doesn’t contain harmful heavy metals, low-carbon-chain chlorinated paraffins or arene chemical such as phthalic acid. It has been certified by SGS, the third-party detection institution, that 12 kinds of harmful substances were not detected and it conforms to EU export requirements.  

V. Application and recommended usage

This product is applicable to toys, PVC rain gear, PVC hose, PVC fire-retardant conveyor belt, car interior leather, cable, artificial leather, plastic runway and sealing tape, etc.; and also is used for chloroprene rubber, styrene-butadiene rubber, nitrile rubber and other rubber products. Besides, it can be extensively used in polyurethane mixture with remarkable effectiveness.
Recommended dosage (blend with plasticizer DOP): TCS-100 Plasticizer can replace DOP by 40-60%, but for certain purpose the replacement ratio can be higher.
   (Note: Dosage is subject to sample testing according to specific recipe.)

VI. Storage and packaging

Packing: plastic drum, net weight 200kg/drum;
Storage and transportation condition: The product is stored at room temperature in ventilated, dry, and dark place; and is transported as non-dangerous goods.