AKD Emulsifier

AKD Emulsifier
I. Product Description

TC-EM-1 is a polymeric emulsifier, which is a low molecular weight, high electropositive organic polymer. It has followed advantages:
1. Easy to use, do not need cooking. Reduce cooking equipment for solid starch and lower down technical condition fluctuation for cooking the starch.
2. Use current water to dilute and prepare, without heating.
3. Provide a strong positive charge to the system
4. High emulsion stability

II. Product Feature

Appearance Red brown liquid
Solid content % 25. 50±0.5
Ionicity Cation
PH value 3.50~4.50
Viscositympa.s/25棩 60.0
III. Product Usage Safety Instruction:

TC-EM-1 may be stimulative to skin and eyes, and it is recommended to use gloves and protective glasses when use. If eye or skin comes into direct contact with this product, immediately rinse with plenty of water for at least 15 minutes. 

IV. Application

As a emulsifier and stabilizer of AKDTC-EM-1 can provide a good stability of the emulsion. With the mechanical stirring, it can disperse AKD as required in the production process, which average particle diameter more than 80% can be less than 1.2 microns. It can also maintain a relative long time after the emulsification, and it has a certain electrical neutral to the slurry.
Please note, under high hardness, the hydrolysis rate of AKD emulsion will be greatly improved. So in order to reduce the rate of hydrolysis, the PH value of emulsified should be controlled between 4.5~5.0 by citric acid. TC-EM-1 has low PH value, which saves this part of the operation. 
For certain application, the usage of TC-EM-1 should also follow the operating instructions of our company.

V. Other Information

Packaging: 1000Kg /IBC tank
Storage: in cool and dry place, avoid frozen and sunshine
Shelf life: 6 months.