Surface Sizing Agent


Introduction of Surface Sizing Agent
I. Introduction

With the rapid development of the paper industry, sizing process transferring from the traditional internal sizing and surface sizing combination to surface sizing is the general trend. After years of painstaking research and development, our company created a new type of surface sizing agent. The product polymerizes various cationic materials with a special process that can completely replace the internal sizing agent, significantly reduce sizing costs, shorten the curing time, improve the surface strength of paper and have excellent water resistance. This product is widely used in cultural paper and packaging paper produced with wood pulp, straw pulp, bamboo pulp, waste paper pulp and other pulp.
II. Main Technology Parameters

Appearance Milky white liquid
Ionic Cationic
Solid content 15% 20%
Viscosity (25,mpa.s) ≤20 ≤100
pH value 24
III. Features

1 Significantly improve the surface printing strength of the paper, reducing the curing time and production costs.
2 Completely replace the use of internal sizing agents, and have excellent water resistance.
3 Prolong the service life of the molded net and coarse cotton cloth, and extend the cleaning cycle to certain extent;
4 Excellent mechanical stability and less bubbles during operation.
IV. Use

1. Dosage: 3-6kg/ton of paper
2. When using, make gelatinized starch glue cool to less than 65 ° C, put the original fluid of this product to starch glue pot, stir evenly and use on the machine for sizing; or add continuously by using a metering pump in starch glue supply pipe.
V. Packaging and Storage

200kg and 1000kg plastic drum packaging, stored in a cool place (4-30 ° C) to avoid being frozen and exposure.
Shelf life: three months