AKD Special Polymer Emulsifier


Product Properties
1. AKD Polymer emulsifier is a kind of cationic polymers, has function of emulsifying AKD, protecting sizing, retention and increase efficiency.
2. AKD emulsion with high stability and retention can be obtained from AKD Polymer emulsifier using mechanical mixing method, and meanwhile hydrolysis during storage period and gluing process is reduced, storage period is shortened by 2-3 months compared with traditional AKD emulsion and sizing curing time is shortened. It can be applied to various kinds of mid and high-grade paper.
3. Compared with traditional starch emulsification technology, cost is reduced by 150 RMB/T, and for paper glued by AKD emulsion that is made of this emulsifier, cobbs value is much lower.
Use Method
15% AKD emulsion, 2000 kg.
1. 280 kg deionized water is added into dispersing kettle, which is heated to 66-70 °C, and then 4 kg oxygen zirconium chloride and 6 kg dispersant are added into, and dispersion machine is started with low speed.
2. 50 kg high concentrated emulsifier is added.
3. 180 kg AKD wax is put into high kettle, which is heated until melt. Temperature shall be controlled at 76-80 °C.
4. The dispersion machine is accelerated, and then melting AKD wax is added into, which is dispersed for 20 minutes.
5. The dispersion machine is terminated and homogeneity technology is performed immediately.
6. Aluminum sulfate is added (containing 120 kg solid aluminum sulfate) and then the content and pH are adjusted.
7. Filtering and packaging are carried out.
Packaging and transportation
1. Packing: 50 kg, 100kg and 200 kg plastic drum or as per users’ requirements.