Surface Enhanced Sizing Agent TC-177
I. Product characteristics

TC-177 is a multipolymer, which is prone to spread and combine on the fiber surface. The molecular structure has a variety of active functional groups, with a strong film-forming property, good ink absorption and water resistance property. The product can also significantly improve the surface properties of paper or paperboard, reduce two-sidedness, and improve paper printability, which is especially suitable for surface treatment of printing paper and paperboard with high water-resistance. It is used for the production of offset paper, light paper, refined writing paper, electrostatic copy paper, copperplate paper, and other high-grade cultural paper, which can significantly reduce paper linting and dusting and pasting plate, and can also improve paper stiffness.

II. Performance index
Product appearance White emulsion
Relative density 1.00 ~ 1.10
Solid content 17 ± 1%
Viscosity (25 , mpa.s) <100
PH value 4 ± 1
Ionicity Cation
Solubility Soluble in water, very good compatibility with starch
Shelf life (0 ~ 35 ) 3 months

III. Function and application
The product is easy to use, which can play an excellent synergy role jointly with the surface sizing starch. Compared with other surface sizing agents, the product can significantly improve water resistance of the paper, surface printing strength and other properties at the same cost, or significantly reduce production costs for the paper plant on the basis of achieving the same paper performance. 
Within a reasonable range of application, the product will not reduce the surface tension of the liquid, nor produce a lot of foam.
IV. Using methods

The product is widely used in cultural paper, packaging paper and paperboard, which can be used with oxidized starch; based on the differences in the degree of sizing and paper grades, the product addition is generally 4-8kg / ton of paper. When used, there is a first need of starch dextrinization, and then drop temperature of starch dextrinization below 75 (the usable effect is the best when the temperature is 60-70), and finally slowly add TC-177 in the starch dextrinization solution, and then it can be used after uniform stirring and mixing. 
V. Packaging and storage
Packaging: 200kg or 1000kg, packed with plastic drums.
The product should be stored in a cool place and avoid exposure and freezing.