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Value Report of Tiancheng Chemical released, to Build Modern Fine Chemical Indus

The 8th China Paper Development Conference and 2015 China Paper Business Leader Summit was held in Triumphal View Hotel, Dongguan, Guangdong, on Oct. 22, 2015. At the conference, MA Chi, deputy general manager and marketing director of the Tiancheng Chemical (Group) Co., Ltd. gave a speech with the theme of Innovation and restructuring, Building Modern Fine Chemical Industrial Park, officially opening construction of modern fine chemical industrial park by Tiancheng Chemical. 


Full text as follows: 
Established in 1999, after nearly 20 years of development, Shandong Yanzhou Tiancheng Chemical Co., Ltd. are expanding and turns into a group company integrating scientific research, production, sale and logistics. 
In 2014, the company built Shandong Tiancheng Wanfeng Chemical Science and Technology Co., Ltd., a production base integrating phosgene, acyl chloride, AKD wax powder and paper chemicals, biomass is the basic material of this project, alleviating the dependence on oil, following the innovative development mode of “cohesion and squeezing”, and focusing on creating low –consumption, low –emission, high –output, high value –added and green industrial chain of circular economy. 

Science and technology innovation is the basic power for constant development of Tiancheng Chemical, in order to intensify technical development, the company builds doctoral scientific research base under cooperation with many colleges and universities, establishes new product R&D center, and has several national patents. 

Tiancheng Chemical always deepens R&D of paper chemicals constantly, achieving product structure upgrading, industrial chain extension and cyclic utilization. The newly –built phosgene project can extend the industrial chain of AKD sizing agent, the featured product of the company to the forefront, deepening paper chemical industry. With phosgene resources, developing and building rubber and plastic chemicals, daily chemical, pesticide and medical intermediate, electronic chemicals, new polymers materials and other projects, accomplishing industrial diversification. 



“Integrity, honesty, pragmatism, innovation and cooperation for future” is our core value; sticking to the principle of “quality first and customer satisfaction first”, strictly controlling product quality; adhering to the management idea of “people oriented, honest and trustworthy, harmony development”; “professionalism, focus and serving attentively”, supplying high –quality products and services for foreign and domestic papermaking enterprises. 
Amid the tide of restructuring and optimization of paper industry, we will firmlyfollow national industrial planning and development requirements, market –oriented, constantly developing new products and optimizing industrial chain, and continuously improving business management and talent training. Staff of Tiancheng Chemical is devoted to building a model of “low –carbon economy, cycle industry, green initiative and energy saving and high –efficiency fine chemical industry to push development of paper chemicals industry and better serve papermaking industry.